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    What is the procurement maturity level of your organization?


    Answer to our 15 questions and receive a free evaluation and possible actions to move you into a more advanced maturity state


      What is your annual spend (EUR without VAT)?

      Do you use a system for handling procurement from source to pay?

      Which part of the P2P process is covered by the system:

      How often you negotiate your contracts?

      Who makes purchase requests?

      Who is responsible to approve company purchases? Sign off on Contracts, Expenses, Purchase Orders, etc.

      How it is setup your chain of approval?

      Who is handling purchasing?

      Do you manage procurement by categories?

      How many categories of items do you purchase? List the main 5 categories.

      How well is reflected your business strategy (mission, objectives) in the procurement strategy?

      How long does it take to buy a good/service (minim/maxim)?

      Do you have a supplier management process in place?

      How often you evaluate one supplier?

      Do you have KPIs in place for procurement area?

      List the main 3

      What challenges you face in procurement activities?

      What is working very well in the current procurement set up ?