How is the consulting process going

• After receiving the request we set up a meeting in order to find out more about your business and the challenges you face. We ask for relevant procurement data.
• We analyze your input and come up with a service proposal customized to your company’s needs
• You chose what Services you would like to get
• We agree the Contract (activities, deliverables, fees)
• We start working on deliverables.

What deliverables I could get

Depending on the Services we agreed in the Contract, you might get:

• Maturity assessment of procure-to-pay process
• Recommendations for improvement of P2P process
• Procure to Pay process design
• Procurement policies & procedures
• Procurement working documents, manuals, guidelines and standard operating procedures
• Performance metrics and Dashboards
• Spend Analysis report
• Cost reductions measures
• Process for Suppliers’ performance management
• Process for monitoring customer satisfaction
• RFX from market research till contract negotiated with selected supplier

What is the leadtime for Deliverables development

What is the minimum spend for which I can contact you

• There is no limit for a specific procurement category, however your overall company spend shall be at least 1 million € to see quicker benefits
What companies can get your Services
• We address to any company who wants to improve their procurement, however quicker results get companies with production (goods, B2B services) or companies with several locations.

How long does it take to get an offer?

After we meet and receive the data required, you get your tailored offer within one week.
To whom you deliver procurement training
Our training programs are dedicated to each client, being customized to the company’s needs.

We developed two types of training programs:

- one for buyers or professionals from other departments dealing with suppliers’ selection and contract negotiation
- one for sales force which negotiate with procurement professionals

Do you have more questions?

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