“Claudia understood to lead her team through professionalism, experience and ability to empathize. Very tough negotiator, but always fair and interested in mid- and long-term win-win situations. I learned Claudia as a very demanding manager, who was able to create high-performing teams and motivate her staff to excel and deliver the most valuable results. Besides very well founded business and management knowledge Claudia is very strong in executing change and understand the needs of her clients.”

Chief Procurement Officer & CEO Procurement Company

“We highly appreciate Claudia’s contribution, which brought a clear vision on how we have to handle procurement, as a real base for our decision making process While fulfilling her tasks she showed not only broad procurement knowledge and practical experience but also good skills of structuring tasks. Her commitment and industry experience ensured the achievement of the project milestones.”

Vice-President Head of Operations & IT Division, Member of the Board

“The changes Claudia proposed would streamline our processes. She coached employees about best procurement practices. She was able to help the employees understand how to make their daily performance more effective and efficient. She has good communication skills, is highly focused. has the ability to meet deadlines and implement the optimization / transformation of the procurement process. Claudia delivered her services in a way of learn and satisfied organization.”

General Manager Procurement & Investments, banking & financial group

“Good training, constructive meeting, in which I learned new, interesting things that will help me in the future to be a better professional.”

Valentin, Buyer

“I really liked the examples and stories from real life. I appreciated the structure and the originality of the course that does not follow the classic pattern”

Ana, Performance Improvement Manager